Sunday, 21 April 2013

The Final Goodbye

This year (2012-13), death was all around us. At first, it was our skating sir. And then, they all went down - one after the other, as death took its toll. Our school's janitor, a preschool girl, a freshman year girl - people from our school, people I didn't really know, but mourned nonetheless. But it was not until a few days before my birthday, when my best friend's sister left us forever, that it hit me - the sudden finality of death. How it overwhelms some of us with emotions, how it leaves some others hollow. But this sad dawn of realization made me reflect upon the event of my own final goodbye. You'd find it hard to believe that a sixteen-year-old can think that way. But death is inevitable, isn't it? So why do people fear even the thought of it? So yeah, I'm curious. 
Not as curious about how it will happen as I am about what will happen around me. Will people cry? I wish they don't. No use crying over spilled potion. In fact, I think I will be better off that way - dead and peacefully away from this cruel world. So I don't want people to cry, because I'd be happier. 
I mean, what use is our life? What is our purpose? We come and we go. All these people died of natural causes, and left their families hollow. That's what we'll all do, some day or the other. But over time, we will be forgotten. We'll be as insignificant as some person who died decades ago. But I wish I can see how it all unfolds after my demise. Don't we all? 
"To the well organized mind, death is but the next great adventure." ~Albus Dumbledore

Bundle of Joy

You never know what you're missing out on. I, at least, never did. Not until one balmy autumn evening. My story goes something like this.One peaceful moonlit night, an angel paid a visit to my dreamland and made me a promise. I, unlike most of you, had always believed in angels. And so I believed that he would keep his promise. He promised me that he would come to live with me, here, on Earth - straight from paradise. It was a strange promise, and I could never understand why he chose me - mine was a satisfied soul, I never thought that my life was missing anything.
Yet I was, of course, eager.The clock ticked away, months changed on the calendar. When at last I had given up all hope, he fulfilled his promise. That balmy autumn evening, an angel had indeed landed on earth - in the form of my little brother. But I never quite see him as a brother. He is more like a son to me. People might find this strange, sweet, or silly, but that's just how I see him.
My eyes dampened, and my heart elated, as I beamed down at that tiny glowing face. He smiled at me, as if trying to say, 'See, I kept my promise.' That day I realized that my life really had been missing something. Today I can't even imagine life without him. Today, my life is complete.