Saturday, 11 May 2013

Wrackspurt Attack

As I sit here, beside my bed,
Memorizing names of towns and townsfolk,
Wrackspurts invade my head
Making my brain fuzzy, as if in a stroke.

I look around my room and sigh:
I'm surrounded by distractions!
My drums grin at me, looking wry,
Luring me away from decimals and fractions.

I glance at my bookshelf dreamily,
At those hard-bounds fat and thin,
They all smile and wink slyly,
Inviting me to the adventures within.

Alas! More often than not,
I begin to doodle absent-minded-ly.

My bed appears soft as ever,
I wonder whether I should dare to kip.
The exams start in two days, I remember
As the Wrackspurts leave, I feel my heart skip.

Saturday, 4 May 2013


Friendship is a complete package,
It is a fun yet serious affair
It comes with a simple tag,
Reading: Handle with Care

They are said to be rich,
the ones who have friends
With them they can do anything,
Overcome hurdles, fight fiends.

Friends do have misunderstandings,
But there's never hatred in excess
They're bound to forgive and forget,
And rejoice in each other's success

True friends are tightly bound,
By laughter and by tears
They know each other's strengths,
They know each other's fears

They're there with you when it's dark,
And when brightly shines the sun
The only way to have a good comrade,
Is to be a good one!

A Sonnet on Laughter

"How should we view a problem?"
"Find the funny side of upsetting issues,"
Tears caused by hateful words on vellum,
Are wiped by laughter's tissues.

Break all your heavy weapons,
Use the effective weapon of laughter
Laughter will suck out all the venom
And there'll be prosperity thereafter.

Let laughter calm your soul
Or ignite your contagious joy
Stop sadness from taking it's toll
Use laughter as your sepoy.

Remember: there will be a new dawn.
Life's not so simple, but it will go on.