Saturday, 11 May 2013

Wrackspurt Attack

As I sit here, beside my bed,
Memorizing names of towns and townsfolk,
Wrackspurts invade my head
Making my brain fuzzy, as if in a stroke.

I look around my room and sigh:
I'm surrounded by distractions!
My drums grin at me, looking wry,
Luring me away from decimals and fractions.

I glance at my bookshelf dreamily,
At those hard-bounds fat and thin,
They all smile and wink slyly,
Inviting me to the adventures within.

Alas! More often than not,
I begin to doodle absent-minded-ly.

My bed appears soft as ever,
I wonder whether I should dare to kip.
The exams start in two days, I remember
As the Wrackspurts leave, I feel my heart skip.

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