Thursday, 3 April 2014

Time Warp Required

My final year at school has begun, at last, and it has been drilled into my mind - by not just my parents but by anyone whom I happen to have a conversation with - that I am gonna have to put my nose to the grind stone this year. At first, I thought, whatever, I really don't see how this year can be any worse than the last. The Universe Guy must be waiting for me to have this thought, because it suddenly dawned on me how much stuff I have lined up this year. I've got so much to do this year, I might need a time machine to fit everything in. No kidding.

So, I decided to do some quick math and see what exactly my schedule will look like, according to the time I'll have to spend on everything per week.

  • 40 hours of school
  • 9 hours of tuition
  • 10 hours of entrance exam coaching
  • 7 hours of exercise
Some people might question why on earth it is so important for me to exercise when I'm in class 12 and already on a tight schedule. Now, I can be a good girl and tell you that I am overweight and I'll soon be bordering on obesity, so I have my health to think about. But, to be honest, I am not psyched about this whole exercise thing. That's kind of a result of my mom's intervention. Kind of, okay? I couldn't win the argument because she's not exactly wrong.

Anyway, let's do the math.
If I have to do all this, I am left with a hundred and two hours per week. Assuming that I need seven hours of sleep per day, on an average (which is actually more than I can afford, but if I don't get at least that much sleep I'll definitely end up dozing off while studying), I'll have fifty three hours a week to spare. After accounting for at least two hours of homework per day - including school and tuition homework - I can manage to scavenge twenty nine hours per week, which is an averge of 4 hours and 8.5 minutes per day. Four hours in which I have to include time for eating, bathing etc. So, the maximum number of hours that I can possibly manage to have to myself, amounts to about 2.5. And that's only if I follow a tight, robotic schedule, which is physically impossible for me.
Yep, welcome to my life.

Now, even if I make some cuts on certain things mentioned above (which means studies, of course; I am so not giving up any more sleep than I have to), I will obviously have to cut down on the entertainment, too. I read books and watch movies and TV shows. A LOT. So yeah, sadly, some of that will definitely have to go.
Exactly how much I can resist, only time will tell, but here are my resolutions, for now.

So, okay, to avoid breaking my resolutions, I am going to try and make them less uptight, and more practical. Let's look at the facts. I am currently in the midst of reading two books simultaneously. The Book Thief, and The Iron King. I can easily finish these two by the end of this weekend. No problem there. But the thing is, the latter happens to be the first book in a series of five. So here's what I am going to do. I'll read this series, but I'll take it as slow as I possibly can. Apart from this, I will obviously have to read two books that'll be coming out this year because they are parts of two separate series that I absolutely adore.
Fair enough, I guess. NOT.
Only 8 more books this entire year? Yeah, right.
But okay, I'll make the sacrifice.

TV Shows
This part is simple enough.
I am on the sixth season of The Big Bang Theory. Apart from that, I watch Greys Anatomy (okay, I am going to quit this one after season ten ends, no doubt about that), Suits and Sherlock. So, I will watch TBBT through to the end, and just continue watching the other shows that I follow, weekly. The difficult part will be to not start anything new this year.
Repeat with me, loud and clear.

This is the easiest part. I don't really go to the movies that much. There are only very few movies that come out in a year which I feel compelled to watch. So, no issues there. Right now, I have, like three movies that I absolutely need to watch, and I am in no hurry to watch those, either. So, I don't particularly need to hold back on that front.

Okay, fine. I know many of you are thinking that I cannot possibly do all that... and take care of my studies as well.
Guess what? I totally agree with you.

So... what do you think about the time machine idea? That'd be pretty cool, right? Of course, deciding which time machine to use will be another dilemma for me all together, the nerd that I am. Which would you rather use, Hermione's Time Turner, or the Tardis?


  1. I understand our mutual problems this year. All I pray to god every morning is a good night's sleep because that too has become uncertain.But good that there's 7 hours of exercise going on, it relaxes.

  2. 7 hours of exercise. LOL.
    Yep, this schedule is simply not working for me. But thanks for reading. :)

  3. You and I are similar to the freakin' core !!! WhatsApp me ASAP. I have a lot to talk about xP

    Even my Mom thinks I am overweight. I like to believe its only a bit if baby fqt left behind xD

    Amazingly written.


  4. Thanks a lot for reading, Isha! :)
    You are certainly NOT overweight, nor is there any hint of baby fat on you. Moms can be very unreasonable at times. But I know you won't let that get to you. xD

  5. Stalking you
    Must say, my superior brain approves of your writing.

  6. Stalking you
    Must say, my superior brain approves of your writing.