Monday, 26 November 2012

Creative Fields - Not an Option?

“You are so good in academics, then why do you want to opt for fashion designing?” – Something I get to hear all too often these days. Since I’m in class tenth, I’m often asked about my career options. When I tell them about it, they either think that I must be a back-bencher, or if they already know that I score well, they think I’m crazy. But, why? Why can’t people grow up, already? Why don’t they realize that creative fields are as important and respectable as engineering, law or medicine? This mentality is absurd, according to me, but unfortunately it is very common in our country. You know what my grandmother’s response was? “You want to become a tailor?!” No, seriously. And forget about creative fields being respectable, or monetarily acceptable, if I have a creative mind, and if I am good in a particular art, then why not take it up as a career? Some people feel that such areas of interest are only meant to be hobbies and not professions. But just imagine, where would India’s cricket team be today, had Sachin Tendulkar opted for engineering? Or what would happen to discovery channel had there been no wildlife photographers? The world would be doomed! It would be a boring place, full of doctors, advocates and corporate people. Where would you get those charming clothes you love to wear at wedding processions, or the movies you love to see for leisure? So, I feel that people should realize the importance of creative fields. Moreover, they should not only respect, but also encourage a child’s career choice instead of forcing him to become what they expect him to become. After all, it is the child who is going to be affected by this huge decision, at the end! I can proudly say that I am fortunate enough to have parents who encourage my decision (even though they themselves are engineers). Can you?

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