Monday, 26 November 2012

Working Women Make Better Mothers

Many of you reading this might feel exactly the opposite. You might feel that working women can never give love and care to their children as well as stay-at-home-mothers can. But I beg to differ. When a child sees that her mother goes out, works, takes up responsibilities outside home, and is an independent women – instead of being dependent on her husband for every little thing, the child starts looking at her mother as an idol, as a role model. We often hear little boys saying things like, “When I grow up, I will go to office like my father does.” Similarly, when a little girl sees her mother as a strong and independent woman she aims at growing up to be like her mother. She takes pride in the fact that her mother knows the world, just like her father does. On growing up and realizing that her mother does so much of work – wakes up early, prepares breakfast, sends her kids to school, goes to work, talks to her kids on coming back home, cooks dinner, and then puts her kids to bed – a sense of respect for the mother is developed inside the child. Respect for her strength, respect for her devotion to work, whilst taking apt care of her family, and respect for her pleasant attitude even after a long day at work. Sure, homemakers are able to give ample amount of time to their children, but they play the role only of a nurturer and not a provider. Working women too give time to their children, but the fact that even children need some time to themselves is taken care of. All children love their mothers. Children of homemakers love their mothers for spending loads of time with them and cooking delicious food for them. Children of working women, on the other hand, love their mothers for many things – giving them enough quality time, at the same time giving them the space they need; cooking delicious food for them, or at least being able to earn as much that they can be provided with domestic help; and finally for not having enough time to watch soap operas and turning into melodramatic ladies!

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