Monday, 26 November 2012

Is life what we make it, or does it depend on blind fate?

Life is certainly what we make it. Depending blindly on fate is not an option. But this does not mean that fate does not play a role in directing our life. Fate puts a fork on your path every once in a while. After that, it is your actions that decide your destination. Some people just wait at the fork all their life, unsure about which path to take. Some others just choose a path randomly and let destiny take the stage. Yet others carefully weigh the odds and then choose the path they think would make them successful. Finally, there are those who try to outwit fate and cut out a new path for themselves. We cannot truly say which one these ways leads the way to success. Personally, I feel that life is too short to wait for destiny to make decisions for us. It is not wrong to believe in fate, but I think those people who leave everything to destiny are just too lazy or too cowardly to think and make their decisions. We’ve been taught since pre-school that hard work is the ladder to success. I prefer to stick to that, to keep climbing the ladder and not to worry myself with such propositions. After all, what would we gain, by spending our time pondering over whether there is anything like destiny? Just use your mind, and make your decisions. If they go wrong, don’t blame your fate, take the blame on yourself. If we keep blaming fate for everything, we’ll never learn from our mistakes.

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