Saturday, 14 September 2013

News Flash!

Wow. Two great things happened in the last two days. One shames misogyny while the other shames the muggles who once told me my fandom was over.

On Friday, September 13, justice was served. Or at least that's what a majority of Delhites (including me) think. The Delhi gang-rape convicts were given a death sentence. I know, right? Not such a scary 'Friday the Thirteenth', after all.
But hey, let's not get all contented and satisfied. Yet. At least I'd rather not believe it till it actually happens. I mean, they said they'll appeal in higher courts and who knows, their punishment might be reduced. For all we know, this might as well have been just an attempt to calm down the masses. I personally think we should not forget about this as yet.
Speaking of the argument about whether the guilty deserve a punishment so severe, I don't even want to see your face if you think they don't. What had the girl done to deserve to die in such extreme pain? This wasn't just murder or just sexual molestation. It was a disgusting blend of both, topped with sociopathic brutality. If anything, these people deserve worse. But I am pretty sure that, in a country like ours, a more brutal punishment would never be carried out. If execution is the worst punishment allowed by our system, so be it. Such extreme misogynists do not deserve a treatment any softer than this. Fuck you, the patriarchy!


And now the most amazing news of my life as a fangirl (please refrain from condemning me for putting this news in the same post as the more serious news about the gang rape convicts).
On Thursday, September 12, mugglenet reported that J. K. Rowling has confirmed the news that she will be script-writing for the film adaptation of Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them!!! I usually do not use so many exclamation marks, but I'm SO. DAMN. EXCITED.
Anyway, by doing this, J. K. Rowling has set ablaze the hearts of the HP fandom, yet again. Yesterday I personally witnessed all social networking platforms - facebook, twitter, tumblr, you name it - brimming with posts about this great news. I was, in fact, one of the proud contributors of these posts. Many posts were figurative threats telling muggles to beware. Those muggles who claimed that, with the release of the last HP film our fandom will come to its mortal end. Except, ours is an immortal fandom. So, to them, we want to say, "Told you, bitches, we will be here until the very end. When we said 'Always' we meant it."
JKR said that the new movie series (oh yes, it's not just a single movie) will be based upon the adventures of Newt Scamader, the fictitious author of Harry Potter's textbook Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them. But the story will be set in New York, seventy years before Harry's time. The basics of the Magical World will be the same, but the movie will be an insight into American Wizardry and how things were at that time, in the magical community. So it will definitely be a new section of an amazing journey that began in 1997 for us Potterheads all over the globe.
We are hoping that we will come across young Albus in this new spin-off, or at least that there will be a time jump and we will see Luna, as she later gets married to Newt Scamander's son, Rolf. We've all put our speculation caps back on and our predictions are getting wilder by the moment. We want this new film right now! No, no, Warner Bros., take your time (but it'd better not be too long) and make a movie that beats the previous eight. So, no pressure. ;)

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